Sewing machine for Aida

About Sewing machine for Aida

Meet Aida. She grew up in a poor remote community of Chibwe, Malawi but she was very determined to change her life. Unlike many Malawian girls, she did not drop out of school despite all the difficulties. She even entered a technical college and became a tailor.

Now, Aida sews school uniforms and clothes for the community of 1,000+ people. Many students from the local school no longer have to travel to the nearest town of Kasungu, which is a five-hour drive from Chibwe, to get uniforms. They can just come to Aida, so it's cheaper and more convenient for them.

To start this business, Aida rented a sewing machine. She hopes that one day she will be able to buy her own one. Let's make a nice gift to the community - buy a sewing machine for Aida and fabric for school uniforms for the kids!