Malawi Computer Lab 2022

About Malawi Computer Lab 2022

Malawi Computer Lab Project

In 2005, the Malawian government introduced computer studies as an examinable subject. Yet, schools in Malawi are still unable to afford ICT equipment. This is because a lab with 20 low-quality and used computers equates to 16.5% of an average school's annual budget. Further, many rural schools do not have the relevant infrastructure to accommodate a computer lab, nor do they have the resources to even build a computer lab.

However, having access to a computer lab is becoming more and more crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty. In the short term, computer literacy can have enormous benefits on the students' education. This then is very impactful for their futures as they will have a broader range of career opportunities.

Therefore, funds raised at this event will go towards supporting the renovation of a Malawian school's computer lab. Let's have a positive impact together on the students' education and future.


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